“Joe, I assume the refund will come my way in due course for deposit into the partnership accounting. 

So as of today (Nov 1), you are managing the center for the (intentionally deleted).  Perhaps even technically as of yesterday.  Either way, I wish to take this moment to thank you for your years of dedicated, reliable and quality management and leasing services.  You are one of those rare, honorable people left in our world.  I wish cloning was legal because I would wish to hire one of your clones to manage whatever business I was involved in.  The Atlee center would not have made it to 2004 without you.  We would have lost it long ago.  This year you and I pulled it out of a bad destiny.  Making what seemed to be the impossible deal with Timberlake was my contribution, and finding and making what seemed to be the impossible deal with a buyer was your contribution.   My limited partners will never know how hard and how long we worked to not only sell the center for $1 Million more than the land is worth, but to keep it alive all these years, with no money.  And they will never know that we successfully pulled off a miracle of a sale.

All that aside, I wish to say that it would be my honor to work with you again in the future, on any project, and I hope that your new employer appreciates you as much as I did.  Please add me to your list of references.  I will be a very, very strong one.”